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Choosing the Best Lacrosse Stick for Your Game, According to Top Women’s Players

Choices are great, but they can also be overwhelming. Every lacrosse stick is designed with a specific player type in mind to level up your game. The trick is finding the right stick to optimize your playing style.

The STX family is made up of players with different strengths and strategies for dominating on the field—whether it’s winning an NCAA championship or representing Team USA. So, we checked in with some of our top athletes to get their perspective on the latest stick lines and how each aligns with their different skill sets.

Check out our full chat below to see what they had to say about their go-to weapons on the field and how to approach the stick selection process!

Stick roll call. Go:

Michelle Tumolo (Team USA, Attack, Syracuse ’13): Crux Pro all the way! I’m an attacker who likes to get creative—this stick allows me to feed, shoot, fake, pick up ground balls, and everything else without having to worry about not feeling the ball in the pocket.

Dempsey Arsenault (Team USA, Midfield, Boston College ’19): Crux Pro like Michelle! It supports swift, smooth movements and keeps the ball secure when I’m doing a powerful dodge to the net.

Meg Douty (Team USA, Defense, Maryland ’15): Fortress 700 for me! In my opinion, it’s the perfect stick for a defender because it has a great head size for deflections, it’s easy with ground balls, and the handle has a built-in grip that’s great for 1v1’s.

Liz Hogan (Team USA, Goalie, Syracuse ’11): Eclipse II on an attack length Sc-Ti shaft is my go-to. The original Eclipse was an absolute beast for a goalie head—perfect shape, not as much offset, sturdy, and easy to string. When I had a chance to demo the Eclipse II before it became available to the public, I was amazed at how what I already thought was the best stick could be improved upon. The newest version is much stiffer and noticeably lighter.

Haley Warden (Midfield/Draw, James Madison University ’18): Exult 600 on my end! I tend to play on the hustle stat side of the game, and I think this stick allows me to do that with ease. I can also switch it out for the Axxis head when I’m playing the draw.

Molly Hendrick (Midfield/Attack, University of North Carolina ’17): Exult 600 for me. It’s perfect for middies that take the draw, but don’t want to worry about a draw stick. It doesn’t bend against the competition and it’s a stick that you can rely on when you need to switch and go on the attack.

What are some of your other favorite sticks?

Michelle Tumolo: The Crux 10 and Crux 600. I love everything about these sticks for the same reason I love the Crux Pro—I can always gauge where the ball is in the pocket. I have many memories of winning big games with my teammates and playing my best lacrosse at Syracuse with my Crux 10!

Dempsey Arsenault: The Exult 600 is another tried and true stick for me. It’s really strong and resilient for play, and it’s helped me get draws and ground balls, and execute powerful dodges.

Meg Douty: I’ve used the Exult and Crux before, and both are great sticks. When I was younger, I played midfield and took the draw, and both sticks helped elevate my game.

Liz Hogan: I think most goalies can agree it comes down to the Eclipse series or the Warrior Nemesis series. Warriors sticks traditionally have a larger offset, and they’re more rounded. Stiffness and grip are also key. I personally fell in love with the Eclipse. I also loved the Guardian, but the Eclipse is much more resilient. When STX basically merged the two, it was perfect for me.

Haley Warden: Before I started specializing in the draw and was more focused on getting to the cage, I used the Crux. It’s great for shooting and perfect for the common attacker. Previously, I also used the Lunar Elite, which is great for ground balls, but the head was so wide that I lost a feel for accuracy.

Molly Hendrick: The Crux Pro has the most lightweight head and an awesome high pocket that holds the ball perfectly. I love being creative with my stick, and the Crux helps me do exactly that because it gives me complete control and confidence.

What advice would you give someone who is trying to figure out the right stick for them?

Michelle Tumolo: When trying a new stick, I always look at the weight, 10 degree, how the pocket holds the ball, and the shaft. You need a stick you’re able to pick up and feel comfortable playing with right away—you don't want to have to work too hard to make it playable.

Dempsey Arsenault: I always look for a good pocket and a good release. Another non-negotiable for me is the weight of a stick—I don’t want it to be super heavy! If it’s affecting how you throw and you have to compromise your form in order to be accurate, go with a different stick. The stick should complement you and make the game easier, not harder!

Meg Douty: Try it before you buy it. You never know how the stick plays unless you have had the opportunity to use it! STX gives you a trial period even when you order online which is super important.

Liz Hogan: Balance is key. It's hard to describe, but the goalie head itself can't be super wide/big, or feel off balance. It has to feel right in my hands. And for the head specifically, the shape needs to be right. A stick is a big investment, so you want to make sure you know what works for you before spending the money on it. Once you’ve found one that works for you, get another identical one in case something ever breaks or feels off if you can afford it.

Haley Warden: I always look for stiffness and a good curve at the lip for ground balls. It’s also important to buy to your style of play. There’s always going to hype around certain sticks, but you want a stick that’s going to help you excel in the areas where you are confident!

Molly Hendrick: I look for that high pocket and hold. I also tend to like a lot of whip. My advice is to look at the different lines, analyze what you do on the field (attack, mid, defense, draw), then pick accordingly. There really are no bad options!

Still trying to find your perfect match? We’ve got more tips on how to find the right stick for your game here.

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