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Five Reasons to Believe the ProForm Pocket Hype, According to Team USA’s Dempsey Arsenault & Michelle Tumolo

STX is ringing in the spring lacrosse season with a new variation on a classic pocket model!

The Crux Pro Elite stick with the ProForm pocket is a sleek take on the traditional leather pocket—and Team USA’s Michelle Tumolo and Dempsey Arsenault are all about it.

We sent the Syracuse alum and 1/3 of the BC Big Three the new release for a trial run—here’s what they had to say (and show) for it.

What was your initial reaction to the Crux Pro?

Michelle Tumolo (Team USA, Syracuse ’13): The second I picked it up and started cradling, I felt total comfort. The whole stick is super lightweight and the pocket is next-level. Any player at any level can and should use this pocket.

Dempsey Arsenault (Team USA, Boston College ’19): I loved how quickly it releases the ball — not to mention, the design is super sleek. It reminded me how much fun it is to just run around the field and have a catch. I’m a little obsessed.

What drew you to the more traditional leather pocket that you get with the ProForm?

Michelle Tumolo: The ProForm gives you the instant sweet spot you need to be able to play with it right away. It’s important for a pocket to be easy to manage and create the softness you need to be able to catch and throw with ease and accuracy.

Dempsey Arsenault: I’ve always used a traditional leather pocket ever since I started playing lacrosse, and I absolutely love it! I used one when I played at Boston College, so it just brings me back to my roots and it’s what I feel most comfortable playing with.

What would you say to other women’s lacrosse players who are trying to figure out the right set-up for spring season?

Michelle Tumolo: It’s the exact stick and pocket that you need! It will help take your game to the next level. Every player wants a stick they feel comfortable with, and this is it.

Dempsey Arsenault: I would say go for the ProForm combo with the Crux Pro! The stick is so light, and after playing with it for a few times, I feel like it’s already broken in really well.

Lightning round! Top five reasons you can’t wait to compete with ProForm:

Michelle Tumolo: Okay, so initially we had a list of about ten things…

Dempsey Arsenault: …but we trimmed it down to five. Here’s what we agreed on:

1. Lightest Crux head in the history of the Crux family, making it super easy to run up and down the field and maneuver your stick

2. Bold yellow head and pocket pairing — it will get you all the looks on the field

3. Pre-stretched traditional leather pocket — leather forever, is that a cheesy thing to say?

4. Flexible and instantly playable

5. Ultimate sweet spot for the perfect cradle to keep control of the ball and shoot with precision

Check out the hype for yourself with the complete Crux Pro set-up here.