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A Playable Pocket for the Beginner Player: Three Reasons PocketSync Technology is a Game-Changer for Players, Parents & Coaches

There’s nothing more exciting for us at STX than a young player picking up a lacrosse stick for the first time.

Growing the game—in our communities, in our country, and around the world—is what we’re all about.

Starting as a beginner player can be thrilling, but daunting. It’s our aim to make the experience as easy and memorable as possible.

For years, youth coaches and parents have raised concerns about the playability of beginner pockets. Unfortunately, players often end up with a factory-strung product that has inconsistencies in the pocket. Some pockets are looser, some are tighter. And while there has been some progress in recent years, there is still much to be done.

A new player is trying to wrap their mind around the rules, stick handling, and game speed — a poor pocket shouldn’t be a barrier to adoption of the sport.

Our R&D team decided to tackle this challenge head-on. The end result? The Stallion 300 stick with PocketSync™ technology. Here are three reasons why PocketSync is game-changing for youth players, parents, coaches and the sport of lacrosse:

  1. No String Attachments

By isolating things like consistency, ease of use, catching, scooping, and shooting, our R&D engineers got to the root of the problem and an idea emerged: What if we eliminated the sidewall string and top string?

From there, we looked at different types of attachment devices that could hold the pocket in place, while offering consistency and easy installation. PocketSync™ technology does just that. Using specially calibrated teeth and cleats, PocketSync™ attaches the mesh to the sidewall without having to use string.

And when the time comes to replace the mesh in your PocketSync™ stick, it’s super easy. Check out this video for a quick step-by-step.

  1. Instant Playability

Players need to be able to walk on the field the first day of practice and catch, throw, and scoop the ball with ease. Unfortunately, we’ve seen the burden of a poorly-designed stick get in the way of playing, enjoying, and staying with the sport.

The Stallion 300 head design, paired with soft performance mesh firmly attached to the head using PocketSync™ tech, creates a natural channel that guides the ball down the center of the pocket for a smooth and controlled catch and release. At the same time, the mesh has a forgiving hold for the beginner player, allowing the coach and player to turn their focus to developing playing strategies.

  1. Next-Level Durability + A Slick Look

The all-polyester construction of the pocket makes it weather-resistant, minimizing the risk of the pocket bagging out in a wet, rainy game. At the same time, the Stallion 300 head pairs with the lightweight, Stallion 7000 Alloy handle that introduces the player to elite-level gear materials. Eliminating the sidewall and top strings also gives the pocket a sharp, sleek look with a preformed shape.

Ready to pick up your stick for the spring season? Bring a competitive edge to your game and get comfortable with the Stallion 300 complete stick and Stallion 300 complete stick Jr.