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Pro Gift Guide: All the Gear You Need This Holiday Season

Hey Santa, promise I was really good this year…so how about some new lacrosse gear?

It’s (almost) the most wonderful time of the year: Lax season...three months...the countdown is on!

The holidays are the perfect time to drop hints about the gear you’ll need come spring season. Not sure where to start? Here are the top gift picks from MLL players:

2017 MLL Champion and Ohio Machine Midfielder Peter Baum’s Gear Pick: STX Stallion SC-TI OCS Handle

With Shaft Lock technology and the highest strength-to-weight ratio of all STX handles, it’s no wonder the MLL top-scorer loves this beauty! The STX Stallion SC-TI OCS Handle is super lightweight, but stable, designed to travel easy up and down the field and stand up to the rugged play of an elite attacker or midi.

Gear gets you only so far – then comes strategy and skill. Need some practice inspo? Baum goes deep on dodging, setting up the perfect shot and what it takes to be a top scorer here.

Atlanta Blaze Goalie Adam Ghitelman’s Gear Pick: STX Shield 500 Goalie Gloves

The STX Shield 500 Goalie Gloves are designed for superior protection of your thumbs and wrists. GeoFlex material provides flexible protection on the back of the hand, allowing you to move your hands as needed to protect the goal, while ensuring protection as the most targeted player on the field. 

Florida Launch Midfielder Sergio Salcido’s Gear Pick: STX Stallion 500 Arm Pads

The key to being an elite midfielder? Insane speed and sharp, precise movements – pretty tough when you’re loaded down with pads and protective gear…  

Salcido relies on the STX Stallion 500 Arm Pads to protect his arms, while keeping his movements light and quick. High Def Polymer diffuses the added weight of sweat and rain, and makes the Stallion 500 line half the weight of traditional arm pads.

Did you know Sergio started his lacrosse career as a walk-on at Syracuse? Learn more about his journey to the MLL here!

2017 MLL Champion and Ohio Machine Midfielder Kyle Harrison’s Gear Pick: STX Memory Mesh

K18 is a living, breathing dodging legend – the guy is lightning fast on the turf and he handles the ball with extreme care and precision. It holds shape better than any other mesh on the market with a Coaxial Composite Weave and next-level durability, equipping Kyle to do what he does best – move the ball down the field and into the net with unmatched speed and control. 

Florida Launch Faceoff Specialist Chris Mattes’ Gear Pick: STX Duel Head

The first head designed specifically for face-offs, the STX Duel Head will help you dominate the X and win more possessions for your team.

For more face-off domination tactics, master the screw with Mattes’ skill and drill demo.

Ohio Machine Defender Jackson Place’s Gear Pick: STX Hammer 500 Handle

The STX Hammer 500 Handle is constructed with a lightweight, high-strength carbon composite with optimized 225 flex-level for the defensive player. The traditional octagon profile, combined with targeted grip texture, allows the stick to serve as an extension of the player. For Place, this means he can focus on controlling the attacker coming at him, instead of worrying about control of his stick.

Boston Cannons Attacker Davey Emala’s Gear Pick: STX Challenger Wheelie Bag

Nothing like being five hours into a bus trip and realizing you forgot your protective pads (and extra power drink). Heavy duty wheels and a large compartment designed to fit all the gear you got (and then some), this baby will ensure nothing is left behind on game day!

What’s in Emala’s game day bag? Here are the gear and snacks this elite attacker can’t do without.

Ohio Machine Attacker and Team Captain Marcus Holman’s Gear Pick: STX Cell IV Gloves

What makes the 2017 MLL champion and team captain such a force on the field? You never know what he's going to do next. The STX Cell IV Gloves provide increased flexibility and wrist mobility for the versatile player like Marcus. Stretch Thumb technology provides greater rotational ability, allowing you to switch up the play and take your opponent by surprise in a second's notice. 

New York Lizards Attacker Will Manny’s Gear Pick: STX Surgeon 700 Head

Selected for Team USA’s 2018 roster, Manny is one of the best attackers in the game right now. The STX Surgeon 700’s Channel Lock provides unmatched pocket control, improving accuracy. The Enduraform material blend enhances performance in a wide variety of climates, allowing Manny to stay on top of his game, whether he’s out west coaching at the University of Utah, wall balling in the middle of a New York winter, or taking shots for the Lizards come spring.

Check out Manny’s advice for taking on a defender from behind the cage here.

Besides all the new gear you’ll be rocking, how else can you prepare for the start of the season? Check out these tips from #TeamSTX to help you dominate the field when spring season hits.