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What’s In My Bag: Team STX’s Lauren Benner

During Team STX’s trip to the U.K. to compete against Team England, we asked our players to share their game day necessities. From the game essentials to post-game accessories, Lauren Benner was ready for anything.

STX Hat: I got this hat the first year I joined Team STX. It was during one of the team’s first trips together to Vail.We played a Jeopardy-style game to get to know each other better and it was one of the prizes for being on the winning team.

Ray Bans: When I was at Denver, a recruit’s parents wore similar Ray Bans and after seeing them I immediately ordered myself a pair. I thought they looked great on other people but was really self-conscious about wearing them at first. I’ve had them for about a year now and only just started wearing them.

Tape: As a goalie, I never go anywhere without tape and a screwdriver. I tape up my stick as a reminder for where my hands should go and put tape over the screws so they don’t get stripped.

Timex Watch: I’m a big time Ravens fan so I love anything purple. I always wear a colorful watch during practices –I have the worst watch tan!

Healthy Snack: I try to keep healthy snacks, like an apple, in my bag between games so that I don’t grab something unhealthy.

Cocoa Butter Chapstick: I always need chapstick, my sunglasses, and a water bottle. With this cocoa butter chapstick, people always joke that I’m putting glue on my lips since it looks like one of those kids’ glue sticks.

Whistle: I’m a rated official so I pretty much always have a whistle with me. Being an official definitely gives you a different perspective about how refs work on the field and what they’re looking for or why they might have missed something.

K18 Glove: Gloves are something any goalie can relate to. Goalies can share some gear, but gloves you just can’t share since they form to your own hands. I love the way these fit my hands and how the cuff has ‘wings’ so that they come up higher on my forearm and cover my palms and wrists. The K18 gloves also have a hard thumb protector, which is really important to me