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10 Tweets that are Super Relatable if All You Do is Hockey

If #HockeyProblems was a Twitter account, we'd be hitting the RT on all of these:

1. It’s 90 degrees out and I’m in sweats and a fleece jacket #hockeyproblems


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2. Just had the annual #pants chat with Mom:

Me: Mom, I think I need more pants.

Mom: Why? I just bought you new ones a couple months ago.

Me: Mom, those are my preseason pants. They are too big for me during the season.

Mom: Preseason pants...please. *rolls eyes*



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3. Let's get two things straight: Yes, I'm a hockey player. Yes, these are my real teeth. #chiclets


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4. Me: Sure, I can drive everyone tonight. I just gotta grab a couple things out of my car.

*Grabs gear*

*1 hour later*

Me: Okay, that's the last of it. Who's ready to go now?


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5. When one of your non-hockey friends touches your gear and you're trying not to be rude:

Via Giphy

6. When lotion is on your holiday wish list because your girlfriend hasn't held your hand in three months #glovestench #desperatetimes #hockeyproblems


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7. The first thing I do when I get to a new city is scope out where the closest pond is…#comfortzone


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8. 10 a.m. - just ate my fifth meal of the day.


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9. When you tell someone your hockey dream is to break Gretzky’s record for 50 hat tricks and they hand you an actual hat #smh


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10. Out to eat and the waiter won't stop staring at my hair.

Don't be jealous because you don't have flow like this #salad #lettuce #hatersgonnahate

Via Giphy

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