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15 Things Only Girls Who Play Lacrosse Will Understand

You wouldn't understand, it's a lacrosse thing.

1. Yelling “BALL DOWN!” any time anyone drops anything.


2. Figuring out the best way to wear your hair with the goggle strap. On top, below, between...


3. Fearing the number 300.


Friendly.Lax Camp Day 1...thanks @margaretcorzel for the relay race idea ?? #elephantruns

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4. Team dinners when game day is tomorrow.


5. Having at least one picture of yourself looking not-so-graceful.


6. Storing hairbands on your stick because you always forget to bring one to practice.


Love the #TeamSTX red and black! #Crux500 #Girlslax #GirlsLacrosse #LaxGirl #Lacrosse

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7. Permanent goggle tan lines. All. Summer. Long.


8. Taking awkward lacrosse photos with your teammates or coach.


Most awkward coach/player photoshoot poses ever? Thank you Post Standard. @kerowan #tbt

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9. Trying to explain to the boys how women’s lacrosse is harder. You actually have to work to catch a ball.


10. Dropping your mouth guard on the grass or turf and taking full advantage of the 5-second rule. Does it still apply if there are turf beads in the mouth guard?


11. Trying to convince your parents that you really do need that new stick. The one they played with isn’t quite going to cut it.


12. Knowing that immediately after a BIG win there must be a team celebration!


Section V champsssss! ?? #nevergetsold @plaxgirls

A photo posted by Abbey Friend (@abbeyfriend18) on


13. Driving to the cage and coming away with a huge bruise from the defender...thanks...


14. Having fun every single possible moment and making lifelong friends.


15. Knowing that lacrosse isn’t just a sport, it’s a way of life.


Gold. ?? #USA #rwlc17 #WorldCup #Champions

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