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Peter Baum's Pregame Routine

Every athlete knows a consistent and upbeat pregame routine makes a difference come game time, whether it's filled with Katy Perry and PB&J's or Eminem and Coconut Water. We sat down with Team STX athlete Peter Baum to hear how he gets ready before games with the Ohio Machine.

Pregame Playlist:

Pregame Food & Drinks

Pregame: I drink coconut water because it's great for hydration and I love the taste. Right before warmups, I'll have a 5-Hour Energy because it gives me a nice kick (in addition to all the coffee I had during the day). 

Mealtime: A salad with chicken or other protein a few hours before a game usually does the trick. Then I'll have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich closer to game time, and a PowerBar and banana during halftime.

Game time: I like to keep it simple during the game, so I stick with Gatorade and water. 

Pregame Superstitions

I re-tape my stick in the locker room before every game. My tape job is pretty detailed and if it isn't done right, I have to take it off and start over again. 

I used to do this thing with eye black too. I would wear it every game until we lost, then I would go without it until we lost again, and then start using it again. It was really superstitious, but this year I've been going sans-eyeblack all season to try something different. It definitely makes it easier to get dressed and cleaned up postgame!

Pregame Warmups

I go out to the field 20 minutes before the Machine's team warm up to get a few light shots up and help get a  good sweat worked up before the game.

I make sure to get a lot of shots up before the game to get comfortable because that really will carry over into the game. About 10 minutes before the national anthem starts, Kyle Harrison, Tom Schreiber and I always have a triangle catch to get any last jitters out, and then it's time to roll!

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