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Team STX Shares Their Favorite Holiday Traditions

Whether it’s a Christmas Eve gift ritual, a special meal, a getaway, or working together at the family business, every family has their own traditions. We asked Team STX to share the traditions that mean the most to them — here’s what some of our favorite lacrosse players will be getting up to this holiday season.  

Liz Hogan, Team USA, WPLL Pride Goalie, Syracuse University alum

My favorite holiday tradition is the "night before gift." When I was younger, my twin sister and I could barely contain our excitement for the gifts Santa would bring on Christmas morning. To combat this, my parents created the "night before gift." Each person got gifts for everyone and it had to be under five dollars. Sometimes it was socks and other times it was cool stuff you never knew you wanted!

Ian MacKay, PLL Archers Midfielder, University of Vermont alum

I have a few different traditions that stand out from my childhood that continue to this day. I played hockey as a kid, and in my first year of competitive hockey, our team won the Ontario championships. Since then, the guys on the team get together during the holiday season and play a game of pickup hockey. This year will be our 19th year keeping the tradition going.

Another tradition my family has takes place on Christmas Eve, which also happens to be my grandfather’s birthday. After dinner, family and friends come over to enjoy a few drinks and play “euchre” (a card game) until Santa shows up and makes us go to bed.

Molly Hendrick, Team USA, WPLL Fire Midfielder, University of North Carolina alum

Every year on Christmas morning, my brother, sister and I have to wait on the steps for our parents to get up and take a picture before we can open gifts.

Joe Nardella, PLL Whipsnakes Faceoff, Rutgers University alum

My favorite holiday is Christmas. My grandmother absolutely loves Christmastime and has hosted my family — aunts, uncles and cousins — almost every single year. It’s one of the only times that all of us are together, so it’s something very special for our family. Everyone meets up at her house on Christmas Eve for the “Seven Fishes” feast, which is an old Italian-Catholic tradition. You literally eat seven different types of fish throughout the course of the meal. Then, each cousin has a secret Santa and we share our gifts before heading our separate directions for the evening. On Christmas Day, we start the celebration at our own houses, and then head to my grandparents around noon to open our gifts there as well. It’s an awesome opportunity to take a break from everything and really enjoy some quality time with the ones we love.

Megan Douty, Team USA, WPLL Command Defender, University of Maryland alum

My family owns a seafood business, so for as long as I can remember, our family tradition has been working the week of Christmas. We’re always together packing orders for families near and far. Lusty Lobster is so busy on December 23rd and 24th — there’s always a line that wraps down the block! We have hot chocolate, popcorn and a pianist spreading Christmas spirit throughout the day. It’s a crazy few days before the holiday, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Another tradition we have is making Christmas cookies — simple sugar cookies with homemade frosting! We cut Christmas-themed shapes and decorate them to our own liking. We’ve done it every year since I was little, and it’s something I hope to continue forever.

Haley Warden, WPLL Pride Midfielder, James Madison University alum

Just these last couple of years, my family started a new tradition of traveling out west to go skiing. Last year, we went to Salt Lake City, Utah, and this year we are headed to Lake Tahoe! After a long day of skiing, we’ll usually gather around the fire and play a few rounds of cards.

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