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10 Signs You've Found Your Field Hockey Person for Life

1. You don't need words to communicate on the field – one look and she knows exactly what you mean. #hockeytelepathy #dreamteam


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2. You always roll up to practice together, middle school boyband favorites blasting. #5sos #BTS #1D


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3. Win or lose, happy or sad, you always take a post-game pic together. When her birthday comes around, you have too many pics for her #hbd Insta post. 

4. She’ll tell you when your skirt is on backwards (but not before posting to her Snap story).  


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5. When you score, she's the first one by your side, cheering and starting a full-on dance party in the middle of the field. 


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6. She's not afraid to give you pointers...and you’re not afraid to give her a few tips too! You’re all about helping each other grow and succeed :)


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7. The number of crazy yoga pics you have together is kind of ridiculous...


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8. She calls you 10x to make you go on your morning run, even when all you want to do is sleep. #toughlove #friendsdontletfriendsquit 


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9. When you trip over your stick, she fake falls so you can be embarrassed together. #truefriendship


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10. When all your other friends are asking you to go out on the weekend, she knows better because she’s just as tired and sore as you. #girlsnightin #tootiredforasociallife #hockeyislife


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