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Straight Shooting with Danyelle Wolf

Danyelle Wolf is not your typical athlete. Having played every sport from field hockey to track, she is now a three-time USA National Boxing Champion. Danyelle took a break from her training for Team USA and talked to us about competing, the importance of being a multi-sport athlete and her advice on how to Play Huge. 

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Carrie Macioce: You played multiple sports growing up, how did you decide that boxing was the best sport for you? 

Danyelle Wolf: After graduating college I moved out to California and began a job as a life coach and a private teacher. And I just felt like I wasn’t living out my passion as an athlete.

I started training for triathlons and people kept stopping me when I was running and asking if I was a fighter – that’s how it all started. I gave it a try and fell in love with the sport. Since I’ve played so many different sports, I was really open to learning and it ended up being the sport that really challenged me.


CM: How did playing multiple sports help you become a successful athlete?

DW: I’ve been a multi-sport athlete since I was 4 years old. I played field hockey, basketball, soccer, track, softball; you name it, I played it.

I was always a big believer in trying every sport and finding that sport you’re extremely passionate about. Being that type of athlete, and being open-minded, really helped me excel as an athlete to be who I am today. It made me well rounded and adaptable to any situation, and that’s what boxing is all about.

I owe a lot to field hockey. That was my favorite sport growing up… I was captain of my team, and got a full ride to college for field hockey. 


CM: What type of cross training are you doing as a member of Team USA?

DW: I like to mix it up with conditioning and I run a lot. I like to run up Mt. Soledad, which is 2.5 miles straight up. I do a lot of hill runs, hill sprints, and interval training. I’ll find a place with a lot of street signs and I’ll sprint every other street sign or sprint two signs, then jog the distance of one street sign.

I also incorporate everything from burpees to air squats, lunges, dive-bombers and pushups. Doing heavy weights will really slow you down in boxing, so I stick to using my body weight.


CM: What advice do you have for younger athletes?

DW: My advice to all the younger athletes out there is to try every sport you have interest in. It will draw you to find the sport that you are most passionate about. If I had just stuck with one sport I wouldn’t be the athlete that I am today.

And give 110 percent if you’re going to play a sport, don’t settle for sitting on the bench or playing half the game. Make it your goal to be captain of the team and the highest scorer.

When I played field hockey, all that additional practice in the preseason and in the summer before school started really showed that I was ready. I came ready to play and ready to start the game. What work you put into it, that’s what you’ll get back out of it. 

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