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Suns Out, Guns Out: 8 Ways To Grow Your Game Off the Ice

1. Hit the links and play a round golf.


Nice evening of @topgolf with @egelinas44 and @shawnmatthias #fore #DialedIn

A post shared by Andrew Bodnarchuk (@abodnarchuk) on

No one wants to lose their handles! Golf helps keep your hand-eye coordination on point, and lets you practice some classic hockey movements in less intense conditions.

2. Two words you never want to hear as a winter athlete: outdoor cardio.


Stadiums @9000ft with our @trainingmask s!

A post shared by Alex Carpenter (@carpy05) on

No one wants to run in the freezing cold (and let’s face it, you do plenty of suicides during the season). Use the summer break to build up your cardio endurance and soak in some vitamin D. 

3. Hit the liquid ice.


Here we go for all the people asking if i can jump out of a pool #vacation #sun #poolworkout

A post shared by Michael Grabner (@grabner40) on

All the benefits of resistance plus less impact on your body. Pools are essentially melted ice rinks anyway. #homesweethome

4. Key in on your intimidation factor - hit the weight room for some jacked legs/arms.

Did you know athletes can lose up to six percent of their muscle density after just three weeks of no training? Stay hard on your lifting routine for max strength and endurance when the season hits. 

5. Protect your muscles from overuse (and prevent injury) by exploring new activities. One of our go-to’s? Rock climbing.



A post shared by Alex Carpenter (@carpy05) on

Rock climbing is all about strength, dexterity and critical thinking – three essentials when you’re on the ice. 

6. Water ski. All day, everyday. Mostly because it’s an absolute thrill and there’s nothing like the rush of water beneath your feet as you hit insane speeds with the sun beating down on you. #farmerstan

(Plus, tighten your muscles for a full-body workout.)

7. Grab a racket, chill out and work on your backhand.

Eat some humble pie and refine your puck handling skills with a round of singles..

8. Actually relax and take a break – sit and enjoy a view of nature, take a boat ride, watch a whole Netflix show in a day…you get the idea. 


The good life #Minnesota

A post shared by Trevor van Riemsdyk (@tvanriemsdyk6) on

Sometimes absence makes the heart grow fonder – enjoy all that the summer break has to offer, and you’ll be itching to get back on that ice when the season comes around (just ask NWHL #1 draft pick Alex Carpenter.)  

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