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Stuck at Home? Here are 8 DIY Drills to Stay on Top of Your Game

The key to every great player’s success is a strong skills foundation. It’s not having a million different moves, it’s having a few core moves that you can execute with great speed and precision in the right moment.

In this time when we can’t physically play together, we can go back to basics to make sure we come back stronger than ever.

Here are eight drills for your backyard or basement to #playhuge while social distancing:

1. Fake Out Your Defender with Lily Owsley, Great Britain National Team

The Olympic Gold Medalist and Team Great Britain forward uses the “flip flop” pass to move past her defenders and avoid a steal.

2. Air Dribble Like Jeroen Hertzberger, Netherlands National Team

How did the Netherlands forward become the Euro Hockey League’s all-time top scorer? By knowing how to get around his defender.

3. Close a Field Hockey Pass Like Shona McCallin, Great Britain National Team

On the pitch, McCallin is known for her quick, agile movements. Practice this receiving technique for when you’re in a tight position with limited space to maneuver.

4. Dominate in a Shootout with Thijs van Dam, Netherlands National Team

The Netherlands star demonstrates how he uses a forehand turn to get around his defender and put the ball in the goal.

5. Aerial Passes with David Ames, Great Britain National Team

The British midfielder shows how you can put more power behind your aerial passes by focusing on your footwork.

6. Lift Over Your Defender’s Stick for a Smooth Steal with David Ames, Great Britain National Team

Ames positions his stick, the RX 901, at an angle to lift the ball over his defender’s stick when he’s in the midfield. You can use a small block of wood or an old field hockey stick to simulate the barrier of your defender’s stick.

7. Drag from Right to Left with Ashley Jackson, Great Britain National Team

The British forward breaks down what he says is “simply the quickest and easiest and best way to eliminate a defender” by keeping the ball on the face of your stick.

8. Perfect Your Wide Forehand Pull with Nike Lorenz, German National Team

It’s not always about learning new skills, it’s about perfecting your tried and true moves. Lorenz demonstrates how she stays consistent with a swift, well-executed forehand pull that sends the ball straight down the pitch.

If you’re missing your teammates and need a laugh, check out this video of Jeroen Hertzberger and Thijs van Dam competing to see how well (or little) they really know each other.